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Our impeccable performance is second to none in the industry. We don’t believe in hidden deals. All our published results are verified by Myfxbook. All our myfxbook accounts are totally open.

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We have been providing a reliable forex signals service since 2010 and we only use 100% real and genuine testimonials & reviews! Check out what our happy clients have to say about our service.

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Take your trading business to the next level with our accurate real-time forex trading signals.

Currency pair traders all around the word rely on forex signals to make trade related critical decisions. It is one of the most crucial tool at the disposal of a forex trader and there are hardly any traders who don't use them.

In simplest terms, forex signals or FX signals are technical recommendations made manually or through automated systems. Best forex signals include important information regarding entering a trade on a specific currency pair along with pre-specified time and price. Daily forex trading signals work in real time and traders are notified through different methods including Tweets, websites, RSS feed, email, WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS.

How You Can Get Accurate and Reliable Live Forex Signals at Affordable Price?

MAPROFX is a leading UK forex signals service provider with years of experience, professional and technically equipped team, and a long legacy of delivering results. We make it simple, convenient and affordable for every forex trader to enter the market and make money on their trades with the help of our pristine forex signals services.


We bring you the most reliable and accurate real-time forex signals in United Kingdom so you can earn your payday.

As soon as you sign up with MAPROFX, you can start receiving forex signals notifications through our SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram and email alerts to keep you informed regarding current market trends. Or simply you can use our Forex Trade Copier with forex account management, in that case all work is done by us, all what you need to do, it is simply to login any moment at your account and track our progress. When you have us on your side, you don't need to look anywhere else to get reliable, accurate, and timely information to make informed and profitable trading decisions.

How to Use Forex Indicators?

A forex signal includes a currency pair, action, stop loss, and take profit options. The forex trading pair will be the currency pair being traded, such as EUR/USD. Actions available to you will be either “SELL” or “BUY”. There is also an option of stop loss which trigger automatically closing your trade if it has lost a certain amount. On the other hand, the take profit triggers automatic collection of profits made after it has it the specified amount.

Seasoned forex traders who rely on their professional judgment may not employ the usage of stop loss or take profit at all as they have experience to know when to stop the trade and when to pick up profits. However, in forex signals both take profit and stop loss hold crucial importance as they are employed to develop trading stability and consistency for newbie traders who don’t have the same expertise and experience.

Is MAPROFX a Reliable & Trustworthy Partner for Forex Signals?

When it comes to providing high end forex signals services, there are very few providers that can go head to head with MAPROFX in terms of delivering sustainable results every day of the week. It’s not just about putting together a professional and experienced team and building a website, offering high end forex signals service that customers from all around the globe can rely on is so much more than just that. It’s about treating their investments with the same meticulous caution that you would treat your own investment with. Here is why we are the best forex signals UK service you can find.

The Best Team

From the head of our elite group of traders to support manager, each and every one of MAPROFX employee is a uniquely qualified, skilled, and highly experienced team member. Our team isn't only equipped with technical competence and expertise to deliver top notch service, they are extremely motivated to ensure every dollar you invest leads you to handsome profits. With this world class team of leaders, you can always trust MAPROFX to deliver on our promises.

Customers Endorsements

"We are the best" is a claim that every business makes. But you don't have to take our word for it as we pride ourselves in what our customers have to say about us. MAPROFX has earned glowing reviews and endorsements from clients all over the globe who tell us how great a job are we doing. With thousands of genuine five star reviews that we have earned over the years, we can guarantee you won't feel any different about our online forex signals services.

24/7 Customer Support

One of the key hallmarks of any high end service is the quality and reliability of its customer support. In a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to compete, customer service is one area where businesses can differentiate through provision of helpful customer service that is tailored to the needs of individual clients. And that's exactly what MAPROFX delivers, personalized service for every customer so they can have peace of mind.

Secure Website

Cyber security and privacy are two of the most pressing issues of the internet world where even technology giants like Facebook aren't safe from threats and attacks. This is why it is imperative to deliver a service that is 100% secure and customers can carry out their trading activity without having to worry about cyber security risks. Our services are heavily encrypted and have all the security protocols in place to make sure you will not have to deal with privacy concerns.

MAPROFX Performance


One of the few UK forex signals website to provide more than 1,000,000 pips since 2010

High Profits

At MAPROFX, we at the very least make 400 pips profit per month and that’s with our budget service package. The profits can go as high as 10,000 pips if you sign up for our most premium package. There is no other forex trading signals service that can provide this. When it comes to guaranteeing you 200% returns every month on your investment, no forex signals provider comes close to matching our performance.

Impeccable Accuracy

Our live forex signals consistently deliver more than 90% trade accuracy. MAPROFX has developed a fantastic record of never losing more than 3 trades in a row. The stop loss is 35 pips away from entry point at most. Every alert we provide is a pending order that is why when you get an alert from us, you still have up to an hour to enter into the trade. Every alert comes to you with entry, stop and target point to ensure you are in a position to make the best decision.


Another key performance feature of MAPROFX service is our strict policy of maintaining transparency. All forex trading signals sent to our members and subscribers are regularly published in our reports which indicates the absence of any hidden forex trades. This is one of the key steps that we have taken to ensure our customers’ trust is protected. Our transparent measures have also led us to become the only verified forex signals services provider in the country.

Public Master Accounts

We stay away from hidden deals so much so that our old abandoned master accounts have been archived and made public so anyone can take a look whenever they want. We never change master accounts and our advertisements don’t contain sneaky hidden clauses. Our performances are regularly published and verified by Myfxbook which is a professional community of forex traders. Another reason why we’re a trusted source of forex indicators.

Myfxbook Widget

We bring our best forex signals services in two categories that include regular signals and automated trading. The performance for the automated trading which involves forex trades MAPROFX places on the clients behalf with our proprietary auto trading tool can be checked on the Myfxbook. This is one of the stand out features that separates us from other online foreign signals services.

How Much Do Forex Signals Cost?

There is a lot of uncertainty in forex trading business and many websites and companies take advantage of customers' gullibility and unawareness. At MAPROFX, we are committed to provide every customer, whether new or experienced, a transparent, affordable, and consistent experience they can always rely on. We hire trained professionals who have experience in guiding people through thick and thin of the forex world.

Our Trade Copier with Account Management package has been discounted by 50% and you can now avail it for only $500 a month. With this package you are guaranteed to make 9000 pips net profit every month on average which is basically 200% return on investment. You also get free VPS and copy trader. If you are looking for a better deal, consider our Trade Copier with Account Management package which features all the services you would ever want for forex trading.

Mode of Payment

All popular payment modes are acceptable including credit/debit cards, eWallets, real-time bank transfers, cash payments, prepaid cards, Western Union, PayPal, Visa, American Express, Neteller, Crypto and Skrill. For you convenience you can choose any payment method you want and start receiving best forex signals today!

Why MAPROFX is the Best Option for UK traders?

From accurate and reliable service to affordable prices, MAPROFX delivers the right combination of quality and affordability to its clients. Here is why UK forex traders should choose MAPROFX over other services:

  • Economical Pricing – Forex trading can get expensive real quick making it difficult for new entrants. That's why we offer forex signals service packages that are priced just right for every type of trader. For the money you spend on our service, you get the bang for your buck every day of the week. You can make up to 10,000+ pips every month.
  • Industry's Best Performance – Whether it's about making sheer profits, keeping away from hidden deals or maintaining transparency, competition doesn't come close to Profit Forex Signals. Our reliable and accurate forex signals assist our subscribers and members to earn profits consistently.
  • Exceptional Customer Service – Forex trading can be stressful and you may have a lot of questions in your mind. Our round the clock customer care ensures that your concerns and queries are answered right away without any delays. Support is available in multiple languages including English, Italian, Spanish, and French.
  • Be Your Own Boss – Once you get into forex trading with MAPROFX, you will be making enough money within a matter of months to make it your full time business. You don't have to wake up early anymore and go through the hassle of commuting every day. An easy life full of freedom.
  • Deals & Promotions – MAPROFX is always working on the next big promotion to give you the opportunity to make big bucks. We also bring tempting deals for new forex traders who are looking for best forex signals UK services online. Now everyone in the UK can make the most of reliable forex signals service.

  • Distraction Free Trading – We understand how a constant stream of notifications can quickly turn into frustrating experience especially when you have other things to do. Our team carefully picks the best forex signals while managing your account with trade copier system. Only important enough notifications make it to your personal devices.
  • Verified Forex Signals Service – MAPROFX is the only verified company in the country. MAPROFX doesn't hide behind anonymity and concealed operations. We take pride in our transparency and deal with real people who have integrity and commitment to deliver promising results consistently.


Our large portfolio of clients can not be wrong about us!

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Emphasizingly perfect service of forex signals around the globe.

You can keep full trust and confidence on us and the years of expertise which we served in the Forex trading.
If you get a loss by following our signals of Forex then we would assure you for covering up you loss within a short duration of time.

Risk Warning

Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to trade foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite.

The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.


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