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No need to pay for forex signals or forex trade copier, pay only when we make you profit.

Up to 10% weekly return on investment!
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Minimum $5000 investment!
100% of capital repaid 3, 4 or 5 weeks later!
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We provide proper assistance to our clients when it comes to essential matters such as the timing of placing any entry (buy/sell), when to take in higher revenue and when a loss is expected. This is to ensure that our clients enjoy the Best Forex Signals Account Management services with least risk.

Investor Profile

We take "know-your-client" rule very serious. We mantain an exclusive status and we aim to deliver tailored and specific solutions to every client in particular. Our objective is to manage those who are looking to invest their portfolio into a medium-long term. We do not seek to work with individuals aiming for short term unrealistic gains. If you are that type of investor, you will probably not get the "client" status with us.

The investor needs to have an entrepreneurial mindset. While our performance is impeccable, nothing outstanding can be achieved over a very short period of time. You are NOT an investor we wish to work with if you invest money you can not afford to lose and wait for very short term gains. Your profile is not fit for us if you can not afford to pay our fees.

Investment philosophy

Our approach to the trading operations and the set of core beliefs we master is a perfect way of thinking about the markets and how they work. We are qualified asset managers, seasoned professionals, dedicated to create success. We have established and abide by the highest standards. The message is very concise and effective, backed up by a solid and proven performance track.

The investment must not be viewed as a short term position, but rather as an income generator and capital appreciation. And that can be achieved only by sustained growth over the medium-long term. The quality of the service we provide will definitely ensure that any investment will get a healthy return on a monthly basis.

Premium Forex Account Management

At MAPROFX, we have a world-renowned reputation for forex account manage and backing profitable traders and investors. We have always considered ourselves to be at the cutting edge of our industry, and we trade on all major asset classes on multiple exchanges with our own capital. By becoming a member of the team, you become a part of our success.

You believe that you are an excellent investor, but you lack the profitable trades or simply do not want to trade on your own. This is no problem at all as we will manage your funds.

Performance FEE

A performance fee is a payment made to an investment manager for generating positive returns.


A high-water mark is the highest peak in value that an investment fund or account has reached.

Equity to equity model

We start to copy our strategy, we are strategy provider. We trade with our own funds. All trades done by us are copied by Investors based on equity to equity model. The equity to equity model means that the trades volume that will be copied is defined according to the ratio of Investor's equity to Strategy Provider's equity. Based on this, the Investors gets their returns less the fees set by the Money Manager (Us). So, let explain at this way also. Let say that we have $15000 account trading balance and we trade with 1.5 lots per trade. And let say that Investor (You) have $5000 (3x smaller) account trading balance. It means that all trades will be copied with 0.50 lots at your account. Let say that you have only $100 (30x smaller) account trading balance, it means that all trades will be copied with 0.01 lots account trading balance. In case that you have bigger account trading balance from us, also based on equity to equity model you will be copied with bigger account trading balance. If you have any question please always feel free to contact us at


More than 50 years in combined financial expertise, providing a reliable service with no hidden aspects and no misleading information! Proprietary solutions, NO Margin Call probability.


How does it work?

As an investor, your only responsibility is to provide a proper account (funds) for management. Everything else is being taken care of by us in a manner that will not leave any client unstatisfied. We work only with genuine investors and not with people with unrealistic goals and the need for an unhealthy intervention in the trading operations.

You can use any forex broker.

You need to provide us an mt4/5 trading account details with at least $1000 account trading balance.

We need your mt4/5 account number, trader password and broker server name, all those information please send at

You can use any forex broker, we prefer ICMARKETS broker, you can also open an account with them from HERE.

Open RAW type trading account with 1:500 leverage, but again you can use any broker of your choice, it will not affect our results at all.

We charge 30% performance fee (profit share). Our performance fee you are obligated to pay us each Friday.

Results, running/closed trades you are able to check any moment, fully transparented results.

If you are ready to become an investor please contact us!

REMEMBER: Forex trading is a risky affair and should be done only by those who really understand all the key aspects of this industry. Many individuals do not understand how important this is and it results in them losing their money. Get educated, hold your emotions, choose the best environments for trading and take care of your profits! There are people on the Forex market that embodied unhealthy principles because they were fed with all the lies and unrealistic goals for so many time that they have reached a point where they highly believe the million dollar trade is just around the corner. It`s not!