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Our service is divided into 2 main categories: regular signals and automated trading. Below you can find the performance for regular signals that are traded by the clients themselves, based on our WhatsApp/Telegram/E-mail alerts.

The performance for the automated trading, which means results for the trades we place on the clients behalf with our proprietary autotrading tool, can be checked on the MYFXBOOK widgets on this page, below the results for the regular signals, or on our MyFxBook page.

Please note that regular signals performance may be different from the auto trading one, due to a different style of trading which can mean both a bit more aggressive or slow, according to our weekly strategy and market insights. You should take this into consideration before joining our service!







February 2024, 20 trades 16 winning trades and 4 losing. 220 pips total net profit. Detail report check HERE.

January 2024, 29 trades 28 winning and 1 losing. 510 pips total net profit. Detail report check HERE.




In 2023 Year we have made total 2975 pips total net profit. Detail results see here.

In 2022 Year we have made total 11 715 pips net profit.

In 2021 Year we have made total 17 465 pips net profit.

In 2020 Year we have made total 25 860 pips net profit.

In 2019 Year we have made total 15 990 pips net profit.

In 2018 Year we have made total 17 825 pips net profit.

In 2017 Year we have made total 17 625 pips net profit.

In 2016 Year we have made total 21 435 pips net profit.

In 2015 Year we have made total 22 500 pips net profit.

In 2014 Year we have made total 14 855 pips net profit.

In 2013 Year we have made total 17 360 pips net profit.

In 2012 Year we have made total 16 230 pips net profit.

In 2011 Year we have made total 16 030 pips net profit.

In 2010 Year we have made total 12 455 pips net profit.


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