MAPROFX - NO Margin Call. Ever.

It's simple. NO Margin Call. Ever!

Complete Forex Managed Account Solution


Created for big investors with certain possibility of providing even a 3000% yearly ROI. This service is designed for existing or new clients with special conditions and terms. MAFXPRO is an unique set of mathematical patterns applied to an investor's account which provide a high risk trading operation with 1/10 chances of hitting margin call at some point but also providing up to 3000% yearly ROI. Any investor that choses to activate it is well aware of this fact and fully understand the probabilities. MAFXPRO can generate even 50% on a good trading session, but we conservatively presume an average of 300% - 400% monthly ROI.

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24 /7 /365 Support

MAFXPRO operates in 3 major geographical divisions: AMERICAS, EMEA and ASIA-PACIFIC. Based on your location, a dedicated account manager will handle your query and assist you as soon as possible.

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All our signals are sent via SMS&EMAIL as well. We do not believe in some messenger app for which you need internet access to get notification, so you will get old fashion short text message straight to your phone. All our alerts what you get from us are pending orders, so you will have roughly around 60 minutes to set up and enter in trade. All alerts come to you with entry, stop and target point.

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We are using very tight stop lose. Stop lose point never exceed 40 pips away from entry point. Depending from market condition our target point can be from 30 to 150 pips away from entry point. We always wait that signal (trade) hit STOP or TARGET point.

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Outstanding risk management

The safety of our trading process is unparalelled. We compromise nothing and we proceed with intensive care for the client investment.

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